Scoop, Weigh, Pay - it's as simple as that.

Grab a recyclable, compostable paper bag and fill it with what you fancy. Brought your own containers? Fantastic! Weigh them first so that you only pay for what's inside. And don't worry, we are always on-hand to help (it's kind of our thing).


Fill your empty ice cream tubs, vintage mason jars or one of our paper bags with the product of your choice.


Use our scales to weigh your filled containers, remembering to attach your printed sticker.


Bring your filled containers to the counter to pay, or leave them while you browse.

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37 Commercial Road,

Mon – Wed: 9:30am – 2:30pm
Thurs + Fri: 9:30am – 5pm
Sat: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sun: Closed

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We want you to buy as much or as little as you need. Simply fill a paper bag or your own container and weigh it on our snazzy scales.If you've brought your own container we will weigh it empty first (and print out a barcode) then we can re-weigh it once it has been filled and you'll only pay for what's inside.All of our liquids are sold by weight, too. That means you don't have to fill a bottle right to the top, just as much as yo want and need.If you'd rather we fill your bags or containers we are more than happy to do so.

You can bring any clean container - a plastic box, a glass jar, a bread bag, a biscuit tin -the possibilities are endless! Most people bring tupperware or old jars to fill. Don't worry if you don't have fancy containers, we love to see jars and bags getting a second lease of life.And don't worry if you forget your containers or don't have any spare - we've got paper bags for you to use (and we also sell some very lovely Le Parfait jars if you want a nice one to fill over and over).It doesn't matter how heavy your containers are - we weigh them first to 'tare' so you'll only pay for what goes inside, not the weight of the container itself.You may want to bring spray bottles, washing up liquid bottles, laundry liquid and shampoo bottles too - we can refill them all!

We are conveniently located in the centre of a small, rural village in Huddersfield. Skelmanthorpe is well-served by local transport links, but we also benefit from several car parks. The nearest is adjacent to the Co-op, directly opposite Grow Refill Store.Other parking is available behind the village library or at the bottom of Cumberworth Road. You'll find accessible on-street parking in the village, too.

Everything in store is vegan/ plant-based (including the staff!) - it's a big part of our eco sensibilities.We stock a number of organic products and seek to increase this line where possible - right now we are trying to make plastic-free shopping more accessible so price-point is really crucial. Please ask staff to show you which products are vegan.We are very proud of our gluten free section - all of these products are stored separately to keep them as safe as possible. Many of our other products are also gluten-free but are not stored separately which means there is a greater risk of cross-contamination.As Grow refill Store is a packaging-free environment, we cannot guarantee against some contact with gluten containing products - we suggest if you are very sensitive to gluten you come and take a look and make sure you are comfortable with how we work.